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What Self-Growth To-Do List I Have

What the next few months look like, and adding a project at the last minute.

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And The Silence Keeps Going

I like roller coasters. The simple and complex. Just not the kind that mess with my life and mood on a daily basis, even my creative mind. This particular coaster is not from my job. I like it; I’m fortunate to have one. Getting a handle on my day offs and off-work hours is challenging, … Read more…

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Ebooks Now $0.99 Across the Net

Mana Pool and From the Den ebooks are now $0.99. What are you waiting for? Get a copy!

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Those Darn Priorities

Work has been the top focus these past couple of weeks, obviously. When one’s week’s schedule makes me a productive writer on my task list, another shifts my thinking and makes my mind reactive to situations. Quite challenging really, I haven’t been this challenged in a long time. It makes me appreciate the time i … Read more…

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The Martian Movie This November

With every movie, when I start to cry, I know that it’s a movie worth watching. And believe it or not, be inspired by. I haven’t finished The Martian by Any Weir yet, but I promise you, you want to read the book before this movie hits theaters this November. Why? Just read it. A … Read more…

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