Scott Dunne

Age: Early-twenties
Height: 5’ 5”
Species: Human/Terran
Occupation: Bartender and Journalism Major

The remaining member of a respected United States military family since the Civil War, now a U.S. Marshal’s godson, Scott Dunne (as Frank Herbert’s Dune) was just starting to pull his life together. After witnessing his parent’s gruesome death, he was shoved into an unresponsive, catatonic state, putting him in a Santa Barbara mental hospital for two years until Katie, his high school sweetheart, rescued him. He’s a mild-mannered, good-natured person with a passion for travel, but if anything goes, his studies in karate can get him out of jams. The scars on his arms, neck, and chest never fade from that tragic day, on top of the recent one from the Reaper. After the Wave, his transformation makes him question his stance on magic, and wonder why his totem Keeji, a brown Siberian husky, has a few screws loose. But his promise to repay Katie still holds, even if he has to learn magic.

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Katie Walsh

Age: Early-twenties
Height: 5’ 4”
Species: Human/Terran
Occupation: Writer, Winery Assistant

Katie Walsh grew up around family, love, and wine. Right down to the bone, she knows her Shiraz and Cabernet, all thanks to the three generation family business in Temecula wine country. But otherwise, during high school, she grew a fascination with New Age trinkets and fantasies of mysticism thanks to her big brother Robert. She collected anything she thought was magical in a trunk in her home. In college, that hobby faded. Her hopes to be an accomplished news writer and helper to Scott was nearly shattered by the Wave. Her fascination with magic came to life, and her red-tailed hawk totem Arana keeps fueling that passion. And in turn, she begins to outlive her fantasies of being a terran sorceress, in hopes to understand her powers, and guide Scott along the way.

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Jaruka Teal

Age: Mid-thirties
Height: 6’ 1”
Species: Halcunac – Magical
Occupation: Mercenary, Gunslinger

For seventeen years, the Halcunac mercenary traveled the galaxy, both as a Corporal gunslinger for Brill Secambre’s battlegroup, Nova Company, and a freelancer for any job in his wake. Without his honor dread and magic, he gets by just fine. Now as a grounded information collector for the Galactic Council, his time secretly monitoring Asteroid Helen before the Wave became a turning point in his risky adventures. He has much pride behind him, and graciously displays it, when he’s not drunk or insomniac. He seen everything, magical and technological, which Terra Firma needs. But why he stays “afloat” in space, between worlds, is something of a mystery as his own people start receding from the Galactic Republic. His favorite hobby is glassblowing.

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Xi’Tra Zader Khu

Age: 29
Height: 5’ 7”
Species: Zimmi – Magical
Occupation: Investigative Reporter

Xi’Tra has big shoes to fill. Her father, the first Xi’Tra Zader Khu, was recognized and respected in the open journalistic network of the galaxy, and the underground sects of truth keepers. She wants to be her, to make him proud, after his peaceful passing years ago. Wearing his suit, tailored to her, giver her strength to interview, report, and publish stories the galaxy’s citizens deserve to read. She is a clumsy and shy girl, to which she hates traveling. How she got the job to help gather information with Jaruka on Terra Firma’s politically challenging events was beyond her, but deep down, she believes that this does not belong in the archives until such time to be revealed. Is she doing the right thing? That’s up to fate and her people’s gods to debate.

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Coming Soon…

The Walsh family, Trygo “The Hammer” Denverbay, Brill Secambre, key members of Nova Company (and the battlegroup itself), Victor Mathews, President Sarah Winchester, U.S. Marshal Deryl Porter, Scott’s parents, Griffon and his agents.

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