Other Works

All stories linked here are on L.J. McLean’s DeviantART page. They are the near beginnings of his writing career and will have errors. Otherwise, enjoy.

Serialized Novellas

Duke the Celtic Furdrake

A Rare Friend – A motherless family moves to a small town in Northern California for their father’s job, but the siblings find something else that would change their future forever. A fan-made story in part with AkuOreo a.k.a. Aakashi

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Hiding In The Genetic Part – Fan story and collaboration of MaLAgua a.k.a. Andrs Olrtegui Genetic Park story of a dedicated resort with the capabilities of changing humans into anthro forms. This story takes place four years after the main story, and involving a troubled man’s past, and his recent involvement with the mob, landing him in witness protection.

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Note: This story is not complete. It is on the list for revision and completion.

Short Stories

Ghost Wolf – A young girl is haunted by a timber wolf most of her life, but learns that the wolf is an asset than a curse.

Brewing with Father – A father and daughter’s private moment of brewing a homebrew with magic.


Coming soon…

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