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Hello. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. Our time together will be worth it. I’m Xi’Tra Zader Khu II, zimi reporter of the Republic News Network. What I’m about to share must be told for it will ripple through the galaxy soon enough.

A pivotal moment is happening on Terra Firma, home of the infamous humans. Don’t know it? Well, how about a Red Flagged planet under the Primitive Culture Protection Act? Now your attention is peaked. An asteroid crashed on the surface, but this did not kill them. Strange, outlandish paranormal events are happening that magic and science cannot explain. The population is mutating, changing into hybrid beings with power half equalling their hideous nuclear weapons.

I’m here to share my notes, investigations, and interviews from that planet. Sadly I cannot collect all of them, just from a few mutants and a convicted mercenary that I trust, as pictured below. What really happened to Terra Firma? Is this coincidence, or conspiracy? I’m risking my career to share this confidential information. It’s up to you to sift through the information and discover who’s behind the Wave’s creation.

– Xi’Tra Zader Khu II

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