Road to Recovery

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We are Children of Luna.
Born as human; gifted by the moon.
We bend the universe’s elements to our will, we hide amongst the mundane, and we defend and fight, for and against, the supernatural.
We pledge our lives to Luna. Our birthright, in order to safeguard our future, and community.
To Luna, we serve.

The oath must be announced and sworn before any young Child of Luna practices their given class; healing, combat, or conjurer. The absolute law for the community.

But for Tyler Ingert, self-trained psychologist, healer wizard, and a high school student, it’s a means of segregating his world on old laws. He fights day and night to prove that normal humans and the supernatural world can live and collaborate in peace through the eyes of the society’s forgotten, in a unique sort of psychology practice.

For even a gifted wizard such as Tyler, he too has his own mental issues, and troubled past.


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