• Catch Up and Vacation

    Catch Up and Vacation

    Notice the new website theme? That was a recent change. Spring cleaning, sort of. Since the new WordPress full-website editing aesthetic is in full force, my old Karma theme I thought about going back to is unavailable. Took me a couple of hours to find a theme that doesn’t put the Featured Image in an… Continue reading

  • My Keyboard Journey

    Figured much that from all the doom and gloom of my life, I decided to write something fun this time. So, let’s talk about keyboards. Mana Pool was written on an Apple Keyboard (before it became the Magic Keyboard, but still with a cord), my 2008 MacBook nicknamed The Heat Sink until I upgraded, and… Continue reading

  • Ending 2022

    Do different things. The simplest New Year’s resolution I could come up with for as long as I could remember. Last year was a life changer. Up until the holidays, it felt like it was the day after the move. Some insidious Groundhog Day in my subconscious. Visceral. A constant tick on my neck. It… Continue reading

  • Screw Cabin Fever

    Hello, all. So uh… it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I will say this: living in a desert-only community than a coastal/desert community is a big difference. One I had to adjust to very slowly. Since I last spoke, the heat became bearable, but I became an A/C hermit for the rest of the summer.… Continue reading