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  • Mana Pool – The Ghost Factor – Chapter 7

    Mana Pool – The Ghost Factor – Chapter 7

    New chapter is now available. Click the link below. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/49638/mana-pool-the-ghost-factor/chapter/992919/chapter-7

  • Mana Pool – The Ghost Factor – Chapter 6 (Updated)

    Just a quick update for all of you, I’ve added a third scene to Chapter 6. This scene has been in development hell for a decade, right when this book was being outlined, among other things, and countless drafts. It’s a small bit of what I have wanted to share for a long time. One…

  • Where I Stand

    The first real post of the new year. So hi. Been a long couple of months. To bring up to speed, five chapters of Ghost Factor are out in the wild since last Sunday. If you haven’t yet, go a read them here. And if you did read them, please leave a comment on Royal…

  • On Hiatus (for the weekend)

    Hello, all. I hope the first two chapters on Ghost Factor are to your liking. Man, hearing the comments is what I needed after a decade of writer’s block. This weekend there won’t be a new chapter for Ghost Factor. I’m on hiatus for a weekend vacation to Seattle. No laptop, ebooks to read, and…