May Update – WDWK, Loss, and Progress

It has been months since I talked here besides the recent posts about the Mana Pool universe. Hope you all are enjoying them as much as I writing them. The readers insight I get that just makes me giddy with science, especially the comments for this. So yes, hello, let’s catch up.

Before I go on about writing, I want to share what I haven’t told anyone yet, and it seems it’s time.

About a few weeks before my vacation in late March, I got a call from Mom at work. My grandmother got sick. She was diagnosed with an atrial fibrillation in her two top heart chambers after what was believed was a viral attack on her body; incoherent, winded out, dizzy. She was about to travel to Jamaica with her daughters (Mom and aunt from New Jersey), like, the day before, so that was canceled. She was weak for a while until her energy came back.

Well, on March 21st, as I was starting my shift early in the morning, I got a call from Mom, and you never ignore a call from family at 7 in the morning. Grandma passed away that morning, around the time I was getting ready for my commute. I left work to stay by Mom and her half-sister from Texas to corral the accounts, trusts, memorial service, mortuary service, and set about clearing the house, but to be by Mom’s side. Grandma was 90, buried with her husband at Riverside Memorial.

This happened the day before I left for Alaska.

For those hearing about me the first time, this is the fourth family member I lost since I moved to Tustin, including my dad to cancer. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom that much loss in that timeframe.

So Alaska became a sobering experience from the loss. No view of the northern lights all week, even for clear skies no doubt. Not a problem, but I hope to see them one day. You can check my photo album here. Sadly when I came back I couldn’t go to Wondercon. A major head cold forced me to stay in bed all weekend.

Note to self: do not spend the night in an airport terminal.

So since then, I’ve been dealing with habit changes, mainly making major sacrifices in my habits to focus better. Keeping myself from going to sleep at 10:30PM rather than 9:00 PM when I have to for work tomorrow. Resisting to tinker with different software than generating story ideas. Convincing myself I don’t get any use from my Netflix and YouTube “Watch Later” lists after the day job. Convince myself to not see going out as to be social every day. The ways I tracked my projects and writing tasks have changed with Trello. Then the biggest was cleaning out my Evernote account and Pocket articles I’ve saved (there were articles I saved out of boredom that brought no insight, and I wonder why I ever saved them).

Seems like ever since grandma died, my mind suddenly told me, “All this stuff you hoarded in your head and computer? It has got to be cleaned up or trashed or else this mess will never let you write!”

It’s a struggle to change myself.

So, now to writing.

Currently, I have planned to have one more What Do We Know post this month. One more before I hold off more until Ghost Factor is being serialized online. Right around ten to fifteen chapters into the release, I’ll start them up again to cover anything in the novel and in the next Snippet stories.

So if you still haven’t ready any of my posts about Mana Pool, check them out and leave a comment. And if you still don’t know about Mana Pool, my book is still available.


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