Catching Up from the Silence


Ever dusted cobwebs in a neglected part of your home with a broomstick? How about an entire house overrun with cobwebs to make your skin crawl with goosebumps? Armed with your broomstick and blowtorch, you set out to clear them out, but also hope that the dog-sized spider roommate moved out after drinking gallons of hot cocoa and watching Dancing with the Stars reruns after losing his textile job and girlfriend months ago. And pray there are no eggs in the bathroom. Hope he snaps out of it.

That’s my brain before cleanup recently. Only not Dancing with the Stars, but anime.

Hello, all. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, I know. No good Ghost Factor news this time. My day job brought in new high-demanding clients and new features recently, taking most of my brain power and patience than usual. But I still get to update this blog every now and then right?

So. Writing progress.

For those that read the What Do We Know posts, I’d thank you all for your interests and feedback. This was somewhat close to what I wanted, unlike having a wiki that couldn’t fit my needs. One step to making it happen, but I still have more work to do. The last one, Titan Spires, was an idea developed months before The Days After was released, yet it needed time to flush out the mechanics, politics, and logic. If there is any incentive to have other species cope with one another, especially humans/terrans and Jaruka, there has to be a tolerance test. Hopefully all humans/terrans can take this that the Galactic Republic wants to help, but still be cautionary.

It is hard to say there won’t be anymore What Do We Know posts until that darn book is complete. If there’s a large enough demand before the book starts serializing, I’ll consider it. Trust me, it’s hard not to share more layers of terran magic and biology. That part will come.

I also did some freelance editing for my DeviantART friend. If interested in transformations but straight biological, furries, and drama, check out My Special Sister, part of the Taur Virus stories.

With the book, freelance editing, and What Do We Know, I have been still developing short stories whenever I can. I have mentioned I wanted to be published in a scientific-fi lit magazine one day. Right now, they’re in development… hell. One is half finished. Another still having plot problems. It’s just apparent that I’m out of practice when reading through them, even three different drafts of the beginning.

So there, four separate projects in my hands. Finding and making time to write is still a daily struggle but that has been alleviated some. For a few months, I been using the Bullet Journal system. I wanted a way to better track my tasks and focus without forgetting about my tasks as I did with digital todo lists as of recently. Not sure if it’s working writing side, but stress management is a tad low using it.

So to wrap up there are a couple things about the website. I added a Ko-Fi button in the sidebar. That is the tip jar. I used to have a Patreon page, but the production demand is too much right now. You can donate at your own discretion, but it does go toward this website. And I’m bringing back the mailing list soon so keep an eye out for that.

Back to the grind for me.


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