Cars, Comics, and Clarity

A short spring update for you all. It’s been a while but I have been busy with a few things.

A big change happened. Wait, make that two. My day job recently made a big office move from Aliso Viejo to San Clemente a couple months ago, going from new, growing town to a beach town. It’s still making me feel bitter that my commute was increased by 10 – 15 min.

IMG_20180217_073901On the other hand, that same week, I got a new car. Just with the math alone, my previous car (2006 Scion XB) could’ve had me at the gas pump every four days, causing my gas budget to jump off a cliff. This 2017 Prius Prime, however, is freaking awesome. Hybrid vehicle and plug-in EV. I’m practically saving half of what I pay at the station every week, plus experiment with EV chargers.

This was all thanks to my Mom, the credit goes to her. Believe me, the first week of the office move, I was so bitter acting that it took me a few days to realize the new car in the parking lot. I feel bad for my pillow muffling my screams.

Went to WonderCon last month and that was a blast. Last year I couldn’t go that weekend after coming back from my Alaska trip after being so sick my head was about to burst. Real bummer, but I made it up. Spent the whole weekend meeting small comic book studios (Aspen Comics is my favorite), a couple webcomic artists, a few writing panels, and, well, buying stuff. This time I finally caved and bought D&D 5th Edition Player’s Handbook so I can finally read up on a game I never had the chance to play. I’m a SF/F writer and I never grasped D&D? ‘Fraid so, and I’ll work that out, as long as I don’t get too obsessed with it.

Lastly was about the editing services I mentioned last time. Just in the past two months, I took classes on developmental editing as a side hustle. For those not familiar, developmental editing works at the first draft level with writers on the “big picture,” such as story structure, characters, setting, fact, story flow, etc. I can call myself one, even build the freelance business.

Yes, I know taking up a side hustle along with writing the third novel and my full-time job under my belt is crazy, but it’s chance to earn a little more during the weekends. I’ve done it for a while with an author friend from DeviantART, so it’s natural that I expand.

That change is all thanks to that Bullet Journal I started this year. It’s kept me focused and centered on what must be done, yet still slow. No matter what, I’m changing my habits.


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