Well, This Happened

Wasn’t at all prepared to receive this news last week, so now I must share it. It’s not book related, but cool nonetheless.

Months ago, a coworker of mine shared NASA Socials with me. It’s NASA’s program to share mission details with social media followers. They invite a handful of people to attend.

And the email last week confirmed I’m one of them!

The event on March 11 is Moon to Mars. It details various missions to send astronauts to the moon, establish a lunar outpost for scientific research, and a stepping stone for Mars missions. You can find the details here and here.

Visiting JPL on that public event last year was a random bucket list check off. Yet this does fit with my interests with NASA as well. I’ll be tweeting about it as much as I can that day, but will have a blog post on my thoughts about it. In all hindsight, I’ll be a journalist for a day.

Talk to you all later.

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