Same Shit, Different Day

We’ve all heard the phrase before. I heard it first from the movie Dreamcatcher, based on the Stephen King novel. Beaver was on the phone, talking to Jonesy, writing SSDD on the fogged-up phone booth glass. That stuck with me when I was commuting to school, doing my daily routines, deal with my mental faults. Every. Single. Day. The motto of my life for the last… six years in the big city. Or how long Ghost Factor has been in development hell.

For the last fourteen months, that’s become a staple mantra for everybody, waiting for anything to break the cycle.

Yet, changes do happen, in or out of your control. I know there were many good changes—and gut-wrenching bad—for 2021, only a couple mattered to me.

I discovered the new Lego Bonsai tree set they released last January. It was sold out for a few months until I snagged it on a random visit to Downtown Disney. I never got into Lego, only admired others that did. The set, however, fits my needs in this bleak era. It took me a couple hours to put together, along with a sore upper back from sitting for so long on the dining room chair, but happy I did something besides doom-scrolling. Having the model on my desk with my Little Buddha and my salt lamp makes the space calm during those long workdays.

Second was last month I was FINALLY qualified for the COVID-19 vaccine based on my weight. The first and second (last Friday) Moderna jabs only produced a sore left arm and wicked hot flashes for a day. There was some lightheadedness from the second jab, but a nap got me through that.

After that, SSDD.

However, I am writing a second blog post after this. I mentioned it long ago, finally getting to it, so I hope you like it. Probably the first and last deep fantasy piece I’ll ever write.

Last is I’m thinking of restarting my Patreon page. Back then I had no good reason to have one, like unable to release anything really, and just closed it. This time it’ll be a tip jar (for now) along with my Ko-fi page, so expect that to show up soon.

That’s all I got for now. Gotta get back to that blog post.

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