Ghost Factor’s Future

So this is important to say.

It’s been six years since Mana Pool was released, and since that year, the sequel has been worked on. Like…worked on, for reasons. There was that year during Nanowrimo I wrote half of the book, but the plot back then was not up to par. They are notes, and I wonder why I reference it. So the plot was reworked several times. Over the years, having a single writing day was difficult.

Real life took all the attention. And YouTube. And Netflix.

My life’s story is known to the older readers, but again, I got to say it, in this simple, bulleted list:

  • Lost four family members to death, including my father
  • First IT job, and the humiliation afterwards
  • Finding a job outside my mountain hometown
  • The work schedule
  • More family issues
  • A hacked website
  • Depression

A lot of stress and sucked out motivation. Not easy to crawl out of.

But there were things released, such as the Snippet stories, the originals and rewrites. Rewriting the Tyler Ingert stories for From the Den. Then I joined as an online intern. Yet, nothing really new, such as the next book.

I still feel new to writing. Just that second novel, writing it, is difficult. I feel there is a invisible bar I must meet. Like movie sequels: you cringe if it’s bad or good. coughTransformerscough. I don’t see Ghost Factor in that bubble, but those imaginary critics are around, shutting me down before I’m on a roll, or write the first word of the day. So now, with family stable, job stable somewhat, slowly the creativity is coming back. Not fast enough, though.

So here’s where Ghost Factor’s future lies.

Here’s the real problem I’m facing: I lost my editor. I haven’t heard from her for a long time, so it’s a nervous train for quality work. And certainly not a lot of beta readers. I’m sort of protective of my stories.

But leaving Ghost Factor because of that will not stand.

I thought about this for a while, how to push Ghost Factor out, while feeling good about it. I somehow thought back over and over of my days on DeviantART writing the Tyler stories. That weekly push to write, edit, and publish until the story is done. Then looking over YouTubers and webcomic artists/writers, and the communities they built.

So…why not?

Why not serialize Ghost Factor next year and get this anticipation off my back?

This all spells like I’m regressing from being a “real” writer or professional writer, but it’s just me finding what I love about writing. I want that spark back years ago.

My idea is to serialize it on my website, DeviantART, and Wattpad next year. If you are interested, please comment, whether do what makes me happy or keep writing until the entire book is finished and released on one day. If there’s enough interest I’ll share how I will release the chapters.

One response to “Ghost Factor’s Future”

  1. My general thought is – Do what you have to do, the way you have to do it (whatever way makes it easiest for you to produce at the time) because whatever keeps you moving forward artistically will be best in the long run. We need our passions to survive, and to be fulfilled. So if this format is striking you as the best way to move forward, embrace it. You can always reformat later, as well, if that strikes you as necessary with time.


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