I Had A Post, But Not Today

Just being honest here.

I had a short post ready to edit today. But as I re-read the draft, it became more of an incoherent rant of my state of mind. It felt more like me regurgitating what the world has been experiencing in the last few months, and reminding people what is already known is annoying anyway. I had thoughts of the recent NASA/SpaceX Launch America event (nearly broke me down to tears seeing the launch). I had neutral thoughts about the recent violence in my country I’m not comfortable talking about. I was gonna talk about work and what to do this summer. I had thoughts to share my writing accomplishments and issues I found out.

But not today.

For now, that draft is going into the trash bin. A bigger, topic-focused post will be shared next Sunday.

For now, with everything happening, be patient, take a deep breath, and chive on.

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