A Short Post

Hello all. Long time not speaking.

Remember I said 2020 was labeled the year of self-care? How true was that?

One moment things were looking bright, and the next BOOM, a viral pandemic freezing most of the economy, overwhelming medical centers, and everyone and their grandmother scared of not having enough toilet paper and paper towels. What a crappy way to start the year, right?

From the day after St. Patrick’s Day, also my mom’s birthday after having dinner at her home, non-essentials closed fast. My little brother, a sound engineer, lost his job after most of the clients canceled their gigs. He was almost ready to work at Coachella. Then a week later, I lost my job due to heavy cuts from the clients. We already had plenty of food and necessities stored. The first few weeks getting other foods was tough, yet strangely, enough fresh fruit and vegetables at the grocery stores.

And there we were: two brothers, stuck in a condo in the hills, waiting for all this to pass.

With all that free time on my hand, the chance to write like the wind was there. Progress increased a little honestly and I managed to fix some scenes that I didn’t know that troubled me in Ghost Factor’s plotline. However, I spent more time freaking out over social media and the news than ever. My Pixel phone was attached to my eyeballs eight hours a day. I felt terrible. Each day felt like the day after being laid off, an endless cycle of Deja Vu. On top of not having a long vacation for a year and a half. Not good for sanity’s sake. God, I missed having ramen and pho.

It took me a long time to take action. I uninstalled all social media apps from my phone, including the websites. But my MacBook still had the bookmarks. The accounts are still active and it’ll be hard for me to delete them in this time of age. What I can do is distance myself from the platforms for a while, especially in the past two weeks. So if I’m not talking or sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, that’s why.

As of now, the company hired me back. They wanted me back. My skills were needed. I’m on remote status now so I’m working on how to balance that while not letting cabin fever eat me.

In other good news, I turned 33 last Wednesday. Like a cycle, I went back to Mom’s home with my brother for dinner. A simple one. I enjoyed it. And my favorite hiking place is open. That pic earlier was taken there.

Sure wish I got more to say than keep a lookout for another post besides my life. Something to tie you guys over while I regain my writing groove. Needed a break from the book anyway.


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