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Morning, afternoon, or whatever and whenever. Got a couple of announcements to make.

First of all, I found a new home for my writing. I’ve known about this site for some time and I had to be sure this choice could work. Copywrite and content is my concern. I don’t think Mana Pool has content that violates the site’s rules so… fingers crossed.

As of now, all current and future Mana Pool stories, including Ghost Factor, will be available on Royal Road.

What I hear from others is they need accessibility, so making this switch seems feeble. There’s no paywall to read them, anybody can access the site on any device, the text is readable, there’s PayPal and Patreon links for donations and support (thank you), and email alerts.

Right now I have book one’s Chapter 1 available but I’ll need some time to upload the rest and complete my profile. The Snippets stories will get the same treatment, but I’m working on creating new cover art. No new logo yet. I have to find an artist for that.

I thought about posting the Tyler stories on Royal Road, but I feel they belong on DeviantART. They were inspired by the site so it seems fitting. If the support is there, I’ll consider it.

And lastly (breathes), the announcement you’ve all been waiting for.

It’s taken me over a decade to finally get over my life’s hurdles. Losing family members, my work life, my mental state: all of it kept Ghost Factor in production hell. I learned that writing is a process for me. I still feel like an amateur on this journey and nowhere close to calling myself a professional. To this day I still have high hopes to make writing a full-time career, whether with my projects, someone else’s, or once I make my freelance editing business a true reality. Most of the time I feel my writing skills have degraded over the years from all the writer’s block I suffered. At this point, I’m just sick of feeling panicked over the little things, the irrational, and what worst-case scenarios my mind binges on when I’m alone, and not get anything done.

No more.

Ghost Factor will not be a complete webnovel once released. Chapters will be published in time; can’t guarantee if I have a regular release schedule or a sporadic one. This will be a long journey for me and I hope you’ll stick around to see Ghost Factor have that “COMPLETED” tag on Royal Road. Will I make it a full-fledged ebook and paperback? I don’t know. At this point, I just want to share my stories, learn from my critiques, and grow.

Mana Pool – The Ghost Factor, Chapter 1, will be out on December 26, 2021.

Talk to you all soon.

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