Category: Life Update

  • A Short Post

    Hello all. Long time not speaking. Remember I said 2020 was labeled the year of self-care? How true was that? One moment things were looking bright, and the next BOOM, a viral pandemic freezing most of the economy, overwhelming medical centers, and everyone and their grandmother scared of not having enough toilet paper and paper […]

  • I’m Still Here

    Well. I will speak truth. 2019 sucked. I mentioned I’d hunker down and focus on my day job for a new project. Turns out the project was, and still, more than I comprehended. No matter the task at the office, the drive to write or edit my work was sucked out or me by lunch. […]

  • Oh, How Time Flew

    Ever had moments when you planned two eventful weekends, but somehow they coincided with the busiest days at your day job, all extrovert energy from your body escapes into the void? Pretty much me for the last few months. Now that I’m recharged and just turned thirty-two years old, I can write again. Hello, all, […]

  • Year in Review… ish

    Last week while I waited at Starbucks for breakfast, I happened to glance at the Starbucks Card rack as I waited. One card design caught my attention. A stenciled outline of a pig’s face against a yellow background, white daisies dotted a few places, and statement in front spelled “2019 – Year of the Pig”. […]